It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and hard to get yourself out. (Photo by nikko on Unsplash)

Companies are beginning to recognise the value of Product as a distinct capability to create a competitive edge in the market. Despite this, many others are still confused around what “Product” is, where it fits in, and how it adds value. That’s what this post is about.

By starting from first principles we can rethink accepted norms, like SpaceX. (photo from Wired on Pinterest.)

Imagine completing a short piece of content and being presented with 9 different mixed media options of what you might like to do next — like the suggestions at the end of a YouTube video — each with points contributing towards a curriculum and you can choose what looks most interesting for you to explore next.

“How far does this rabbit hole go?”

This is taken from an internal guide that I wrote for new managers to help them with their teams.

Roger Norton

Head of Product @FoundersFactoryAfrica. Previously: co-founder @Trixta & @leaniterator, CEO, and wrote a book on startups:

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